Friday, October 28, 2016


   I hesitate to try blogging again. Things are so busy these days with homeschooling, grading papers, entertaining a toddler, nap times, keeping mouths fed/tummy's full, and things picked up. Sort of.
Pretty much every topic under the sun has been covered anyway. So...
And my priorities are my children not a blog or some pretty pictures that I found while Pinterest daydreaming. I don't want to lose precious time or moments with my children while staring at a screen.
   I guess I'm here really because I still have a desire to do something creative. Even if that means a few minutes during nap time or between grading papers and paying bills or late at night after everyone's sound asleep. I also hesitate because I'm really not sure that anything I have to say or create would interest anyone at all anyway. Also...blogging can make you feel a little vulnerable. That's just insecurities talking. After all... With like a bazillion blogs out there, if someone doesn't like your blog, there are tons to choose from. No ones pulling their leg to hang around or chat it up. Haha...
   So, I guess I'm saying that I think I'll give this a try again but my post may be stretched few and far between. Who knows. I won't let it become a burden and take away from important priorities but I'm hoping it can be an outlet for this desire I have to do something creative for myself. And maybe I really can inspire someone or at least give them a laugh. So I'll leave it at that for now and see if I can quietly get up from beside my sweet napping toddler, tiptoe across the creaking wood floor and go use the bathroom. You don't realize how creaky the floors are until you don't want to wake the little napper.  Tiptoe... Tiptoe... 👀